Graduated from Kerala University

followed by  Post-Graduate degree in Mental Health Sciences from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Bombay.

Later he took his doctorate in counseling for Marital Happiness with special reference to sex life

He specialized in Hypnotism and Therapeutic Hypnosis under Prof. Rooshikumar Pandya of John Abbot College, Montreal, Canada.

He also undertook training in Youth Work from the International Youth Center, New Delhi.

As psychotherapist, educator and a renowned writer with social commitment, Dr K S David has made commendable contributions in creating awareness on the importance of mental health among the people of Kerala.

Waging a lone battle, for bringing the science of mental health in the masses, Dr David heralded a new movement a quarter century ago in Kerala, when Mental Health and Behavioral sciences were quite unknown, and had no place in the curriculum of education of the most literate state in the country.

By writing articles and advice columns in all the popular journals and weeklies , by conducting lecture series in educational institutions and by organizing work-shops at the grass-root level, Dr David introduced the science of mental health to the masses and aided them, to a large extent in overcoming stress in their tension-packed life.

Apart from that, he also campaigned against the deep-rooted superstitions connected with cure of mental illness.

As the Founder Director of the Central Institute of Behavioral Sciences, Cochin, he is organizing workshops in educational institutions for overall correction of personality disorders, which has helped the new generations to have a new outlook towards life.

In addition, Dr David was also instrumental in organizing various national and international level workshops on Behavioral Sciences in India and abroad as an active member of the World Federation of Mental Health since 1973.

As the editor and regular writer of ‘Manasasthram’ (psychology), probably the only psychological magazine in malayalam with wide readership, Dr David was doing remarkable services in enlightening the society to have a clear perspective in facing mental stress.

His several books on psychology are also directed towards this aim.

In appreciation of his dedicated service in the field, in-depth knowledge of Behavioral science, the serious studies that he has made and the co-relation he has made with social problems, Dr David has been invited for lectures, seminars and courses on Behavioral sciences and Human Resources Development, organized in various parts of India and abroad.

Dr David is a committed social activist and humanitarian with dedication, and is also involved in numerous Social Welfare organizations like the Rotary International, , and High Level Guidance Council of People Planning for Kerala state


Dr David began his career in 1975 as a Professor of Behavioral Sciences for Post Graduate programs in Loyola College, Chennai. Since 1983, he has been a Consultant Psychotherapist at Central Hospital Cochin and Director of Central Institute of Behavioral Sciences, Cochin.

He is the acclaimed author of several Books and Papers on Psychology




25 years laudable experience in Media in very senior positions

Chief Executive officer in Varthamanam daily

Regional Manager ,Printer & Publisher(Kerala) of the New Indian Express daily

General Manager The Pioneer National daily(Kerala)

Editor, Business Option Fortnightly

Rotary International (RI3200) Governors Board

Author of 7 books.

Trained  HRD at U.S.A  and UK under

Master trainer NOEBIL U.S.A

  President and Office bearer of professional bodies


M.B.B.S, M.D (Psy)
Fellow of World Psychiatric Association
Professor – Medical College
Examiner for MD Psychiatry MG
Visiting Faculty at various institutions
( Mysore, Salem, Trichy,
Thrissur and
Amrita Medical Colleges)
Head of Child and Adolescent Clinic-
Govt. Medical College Kottayam
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