Students enter the class room with a wide range of cognitive abilities; they also bring unique cultural and social experiences that influence their learning. When teachers are aware of cultural, social and psychological differences, they can use instructional strategies that are compatible with the learning styles of diverse groups of students. A student’s socioeconomic status, level of parental involvement, and quality of the relationships between teachers and students often deeply impact student learning.

Central Institute of Behavioral Sciences (CIBS) would like to introduce a two days workshop “Psycho Dynamics Of Teaching and learning” for the teaching staff and the parents of your institution. This program is designed to assist the teachers and parents to use a psychological approach in the class rooms and homes to be effective in imparting knowledge as well as to maintain the emotional health of children. 

A school is a one-stop environment that can bring out the brilliance of each child from diverse backgrounds. A child might be mentally troubled about his/her family problems; might be panicky due to exam fears; might be nervous about his weaknesses; yet can find a safe haven in his school. Many a children could be confused about choosing the right career path or to realize one’s potential; here again the school can be the refuge to assist him to discover himself.
This program is designed to help teachers and parents to become effective in their teaching process as well as in dealing with the problems of students and seek solution by them selves.
This two-day workshop by
Central Institute of Behavioral Sciences, Cochin 682020,
a well-established organization working in the field of HRD for the past 30 years is lead by well-experienced experts in the field of Behavioral Sciences.

Workshop for teachers at Ryadh KSA -Al Yasmin International School

Workshop for teachers and parents at kottayam

by Malayala manorama-kalikkudukka

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