Stress Management workshop
Stress is a normal component of the body’s response to demands that are placed on it.

When we are frightened or angry, the body responds to this stress with a number of physical reactions that prepare it for action. Factors that trigger this stress response are known as stressors.
Stressors are encountered in almost every aspect of our lives. Excess stress, or distress, has been identified as an important factor in many types of illness. Heart disease is one of the health effects that has been linked to excessive stress.

Workplace stressors can lead to distress because they are, in many cases, beyond the individual’s control. And the individual may be exposed to the same stressors day after day. Occupational stress is often the combined effect of several stressors.

The health effects of different stressors cannot be easily separated. Nonetheless, an understanding of the different types of stressors is essential in recognizing, assessing and controlling these potential hazards.

Workplace stressors include physical and organizational factors.
Stress management is the latest  psychological technology to tap and use our full potential.

It is popular in the west and becoming popular in India
You have very high potential and have lot of hidden talents just waiting to be tapped.

If you know how to inspire, motivate and ignite your mind set, you will display a much higher level of performance
The program is led by the eminent psychologist Dr.K.S. David who has conducted this program in many places in India and abroad
By participating in this amazing workshop, you will realize the joy and excitement of stress free life

Stress Management -CII Trichur Kerala ( India)

Stress Management- Al-Abbas group Dubai, UAE

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