Have you experienced those moments as a parent that your children are emotionally moving away from your proximity. A moment when you feel that all the other parents have much better attachment with their children. Ever wished for an opportunity to start all over again and relate to your children better; ever wished for a magic wand that would do the trick? 

  Well, you are not alone. Welcome to the world of starting a partnership with your children. A partnership deed of understanding each other. As there are lot of other things in life, dealing with your children is also an art. While it comes naturally to most of us, there are those trying moments when we wonder whether we are doing it right. This is even more so true in today's fast paced life when both the parents need to work. 

  Here we The Central Institute of Behavioral Sciences Cochin 682020 (India) can help you.  After many successful international programs abroad we are all set to roll out this workshop at different places
Being friendly with children and guide them is one of the toughest jobs in the world and as parents we face many challenges; challenges in the form of time, emotions, issues with the spouse, communication.... The list is endless.

Our one day workshop on EMOTIONAL PARTNERSHIP WITH CHILDREN focuses on giving you a holistic picture about being a partner with your child to help him to achieve his goals. A glimpse into the kind of parent you are, little tricks of the trade that will help you to manage various behavior of your child  and much more. Our idea is to help you to master these through unique case studies and role plays and simultaneously ensure ease and fun. You'll be amazed to find yourself a more  confident and composed parent after the workshop! 

Remember there is little you can do when your child turns to an adult.

How..to start

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